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Pitch Black Serenade demo is available and free to download!

January 1st, 2009. A truck crashes in the middle of Shibuya, Tokyo. Kairi Nakajo wakes up in a hospital with total amnesia. Soon after, his parents break to him the news that they have decided to move to the tranquil city of Kujikawa. Kairi is forced to go with them, basically cutting off every direct link to his past.

Three years have passed, but therapy has failed and Kairi has not managed to get any of his memories back. In the meantime, he has grown suspicious of his parents, who appear to have been trying to replace his missing memories with new ones. The new memories seem to have been carefully chosen in order to mold a new Kairi, who would more closely resemble their ideal son.

Tokyo has changed as well: thick clouds are covering its sky and a dreadful case of serial abductions threatens its residents. And it appears that it all started on the day of Kairi's fateful accident...



♦ Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Coming-of-age / Mainly aimed at girls.
Shape Kairi's personality. Live by your parents' rules or fight back.
Three love interests. Each leads to a different solution to the mystery.*
♦ Solve mini games to unlock pieces of Kairi's lost memories.
 Explore maps and collect clues.
♦ Travel between Tokyo and Kujikawa during free time.*
♦ Get collectible cards upon accomplishing achievements.*
♦ Befriend 7+ male characters because it's a game for girls, right?*
♦ That one sexy secondary character you can't date? Yes, there are three.*
♦ Multiple endings. And not holding back with the consequences.*
♦ Demons.
♦ 30+ hours of playtime estimated.*
♦ Rating: 12+, for suggestive themes and gore.

*Not included in the demo.


Cast (Kujikawa Arc). Check Hi-res pictures.



Official Website
Official Twitter
Youtube Channel



97Circle is a koujin (one-man) circle producing entertainment through various media. Story, art, GUI and coding of Pitch Black Serenade have been made by Kuna.

Proofreaders: Gospel, NovelistEzhno.
Mini game programmer: Anton Strickland
Beta-testers: Livestraes, Gospel, Natsu, Khanachi, NovelistEzhno.
Additional Background Art "Light Pole": Jeron Samez
Made with Ren'py.


Demo features.

♦ Chapter 1 full.
♦ 3 hours of gameplay (35.000 words).
♦ 2 secret game overs. Be careful not to die!
♦ A mini game. Get one of Kairi's lost memories!
♦ 5 CGs. 
♦ Maps to explore (point and click).
♦ Free time: decide how to spend your days.
♦ Original sprite art for 11 characters.
♦ One entire location of the story: Kujikawa.

Release date: Oct 20, 2018
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: Free
Rating: 12+, for suggestive themes and gore.

You can report bugs or crashes here: kuna@97circle.com or on Discord

I'll be glad to hear your feedback too! ^ ^

(Please note that the full game will be commercial.)

Updated 14 days ago
Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 28 days ago
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Male protagonist, Manga, Mystery, Otome, renpy, Romance, supernatural, suspense, Text based
Average sessionA few hours
LinksTwitter, Patreon, Blog


Pitch Black Serenade - Trial Ver-1.0-pc.zip 295 MB
Pitch Black Serenade - Trial Ver-1.0-mac.zip 277 MB

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Hello! I finally finished the demo! I really enjoyed the game! I made a more detailed review and answering of your questions of PBS on the Lemmasoft Forum post you have. The demo was very fun to play, and I'm looking forward to the future release!

Everything about this was such a nice experience. The art is beautiful and the music and sound effects really matched the scenes that were playing out.  The story is fantastic.

I wish you and your team the best of luck! You now have a loyal fan! ^^

I've replied on Lemmasoft as well and we met on Discord too, but again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, Neru! Thank you so much for the comment and the support!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! First, thank you for the demo, I really like your game! I like the story, it really got me wondering what is going on.
All the characters are fully fleshed out and likeable. I kind of ship Fujisa and Teru... And I totally love Haruto <3 So crazy, so cute! And Cry looks more like a girl than a boy to me... Maybe it will be revealed who they are too? I'm so curious! And who is the girl on the game cover ? So many mysteries !
I do hope we can - fundamentally - change the character of Kairi like you announced, because he's such an as**ole...
And the passage with the French food was so funny, I'm french so it was super easy for me :)
I really like the music too! Really like the song when he's in the club or in his bedroom.
I'm curious about the other characters and love interests as well as our "persuasion" power... If I get it right, using them is considered "bad", right? And to finish I do hope we will find...


... Our little sister.

Hello Mylane! Thank you so much for trying out the demo! I really enjoyed reading your comment and I'm glad you had a good time playing the game! And it was interesting to receive feedback regarding the food mini game from a French player, too!
About the "persuasion" power, its nature is not completely explained on purpose so that every player can get their own personal meaning and play the way they mean to. Anyway, balancing purple choices and white ones can work really good too! ; ) 
I'm sorry there was no room to insert the blond girl from the cover in the demo! She will appear in the next chapter which I hope to release soon! ^ ^