New character: Kou Onihira

Hey players! ヽ( ・∀・*)ノ

Here I am with a new character: Kou Onihira! He's part of the main cast that Kairi is going to meet once in Tokyo.

Because of his wealthy origins he used to be a spoiled prince. Then, during high school, a shocking family event made him change: now he rolls up his sleeves to actively build his future. Instead of a prince, he pictures himself as a warrior, and pierces his body every time he overcomes a life trial...!

Despite his thug-like appearance and impetuous manners, his heart is soft. So soft that he fears that Kairi and his dismissive attitude could hurt him...!

He smokes habitually, and wears glasses to read. 


Personal info

Kou (巧) Onihira (鬼平)

Age: 22 DOB:  4/8 (Aries)

Blood: O Height: 180 cm

Hobby: rapping, reading about complex topics

Favorite food: katsusando, meat

Disliked food: beans in all their shapes

Specialty: bass

Loves: challenges

Hates: lies

Quirk: if he doesn't understand something he asks questions until it's necessary, and never cares if he appears dumb in doing so

Recurring line: "Haaa?!"


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! ♡( ^人^*)

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