The Walkthrough for Pitch Black Serenade demo 【Game Guide】

Hello players! ( ° ω °*)ノ🌟

As promised, I’m posting the walkthrough for the demo of Pitch Black Serenade, aka the first chapter of the game! Thank you so much Aural for requesting, and sorry for the delay! I originally intended to post it last December, but I couldn’t finish it in time.

The walkthrough is part of the upcoming art book for Pitch Black Serenade: Kujikawa Days, that’s why it looks like book pages. Also, in the demo there aren’t different endings, so, aside from explaining how to get all the money and see all the scenes, I just gave indications on other possible behaviors. 

For example, if you want to act honestly towards Fujisa, don’t use purple choices on her, since you well know Kairi’s true intentions. 。( ・ω・*)b゚ 

In any case, you’ll find all the information in the guide below. So here you are, 9 pages of walkthrough with all the choices contained in the demo. If, for any reason, you don’t find this walkthrough useful, please kindly leave feedback for me so that I can fix it. Thank you so much!

 - Kuna

Download PDF

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You're welcome! : D Have fun! ^ ^