New character: Subaru Umeda

Hi guys!  (  ´ゝ∀・`*)ノシ Thank you for playing Pitch Black Serenade demo! This time I'm going to introduce a new character that will appear in the next chapter of the story: Subaru Umeda.

Subaru is a university student, on his final year in Liberal Arts, and play in Shin's band as well. His outfit is rather "common" or "plain" and he's overall a quiet type.

...He might have a cute side as well. When studying, he usually wears glasses (sometimes, if he needs to read scores, he wears them on stage as well). When wearing his hat, he first combs his bangs backwards.


Personal info.

Subaru (昴) Umeda (梅田)

Age: 22 DOB:  11/22 (Sagittarius)

Blood: O Height: 174 cm 

Hobby: gym

Favorite food: canned sardines

Disliked food: jelly

Specialty: keyboard

Loves: streets at 5 a.m.

Hates: paranormal entities

Quirk: his brain is wired in a way that he always chooses healthy food. 

Recurring line: "Seriously?"

That's all for Subaru's introduction!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next! ヾ( o´ェ`o*)ノ 


Character sheets previously published: Shin Naoki

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This is looking good!

Thank you so much, Sapphire!